About Brightside Carers

Welcome to Brightside Carers. Our aim is to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves. We provide our service in your own home, at times convenient to you, and in ways you find most agreeable. We have sound principles for the way we run our service. Central to these is our belief that the rights and choices of service users are paramount. We strives to ensure that all service users' receive a personalised service. We aim to maintain continuity in relation to the care worker and the service user, therefore building up a relationship of reliability, trust and often friendship.

Our aims & objectives and philosophy of care

  • We aim to offer skilled care to enable people to achieve their optimum state of health and well being.
  • All people who receive services from Brightside Carers and all people who visit the Service User will be treated with respect at all times.
  • We uphold the human and citizenship rights of all people for whom we provide care and support.
  • Individual choice and personal decision-making are the right of all Service Users and these rights will be supported by all the people who work for Brightside Carers.
  • The right of independence will be respected and encouraged for all Service Users.
  • The individual uniqueness of Service Users will be recognised and all people will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  • The individual’s requirement for privacy will be respected at all times and all information relating to individuals will be treated in a confidential manner.
  • We recognise the individual’s need for personal fulfilment and aim to support Service Users to participate in their choice of individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy their needs.


For people requiring full time assistance, and preferring to stay in the comfort of their own home, we welcome you to the perfect solution. An initial phone call will leave you fully assured of the service we offer and answer any queries and questions you may have.

Upon deciding Brightside Carers is the best option, a meeting is arranged with a Care co-ordinator to visit the service user plus any family members who wish to be present. The aim of the meeting is to introduce Brightside Carers Domiciliary Care and talk with you to gain an insight into the service we will be required to perform.

By having an informal discussion with the Service User and others present, the Care Plan Co-ordinator is subtly ascertaining exactly what level of service is required. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make all the difference; from breakfast in bed, to a much loved pet being walked at a specific time, from having clothes ironed in a particular fashion, to having your hair done just so, our service allows us to be this specific to enable the most professional and pleasing ever.

During our assessment process we may need to ask quite a lot of questions and, if necessary, seek additional information from your carer, your doctor, and any other specialists who know about your health and needs. A specially trained member of staff will carry out the assessment and all information will be treated confidentially. Our aim is always to make sure that we understand your needs and preferences, so that we can respond in the way that really suits you the best.

After the meeting, a bespoke Care Plan is drawn up which provides guidelines appertaining to the tasks that Brightside Carers is required to do on a daily basis.

Once a specific Care Plan has been developed one of our Office Team will call with detailed costs of the care package and enquire as to whether you/the Client are happy and wish to proceed with Access Care.

Scheduled Reviews of Care Plans are conducted on an annual basis as part of the Clients ‘Case management’ and as and when circumstances change, to ensure we are always providing the exact service required.

We also ensure we speak to all of our Carers and Service Users each week to ensure we are kept abreast of circumstances that may dictate a change in the service we are providing. This way we are also able to keep concerned relatives informed as to the welfare of a loved one.

Adult Care

At Brightside Carers, our belief in delivering care is that the individual with the care requirements needs to comes first and with the best care.

Child Care

We believe that every child is an individual with rights. Care assistance for your Child care services for the day to day tasks that you need.

Care Training

We are proud to support our thriving team of carers with training and we are committed to supporting your career journey for a peace of mind.


We are committed to supporting and developing the career of anyone who chooses to devote their profession to the care sector.